Step #1

Want to straighten your teeth? Go to an orthodontist or dentist and ask about SymTray.

Step #2

Your orthodontist or dentist would take x-rays, photos, and impressions or scans of your teeth, ask you questions pertaining to your teeth and send us your information so we can process your data and customize a set of clear aligners just for you.

Step #3

Your aligners will be delivered and we even have an app for you to track your progress, cutting down your dental visits to save you time. Everyone's happy.



When your treatment is done, we give you a set of retainers with a lifetime warranty in case you lose it or break it during your wild Spring Break vacay. It's okay. We understand you're a busy folk and have an awesome life. So after you're done with us, don't forget to share our art--aka. your teeth--to the world at #sympalsmile. Smile!

Spread the Joy...and Recycle!

Recycle your clear aligners back to us and we'll even pay you for it. Refer a friend and get a free gift (it's a surprise!) from us.


Next Steps...

Email us below for more information towards your next step to a greater smile.